01 November 2010


i WANT this sooo baaddd..!! :(

21 October 2010

am i looks like a boy..??

try this http://www.pudding.kr/face/

1. click GO

2. click on the circled arrows

3. browse your picture, please do not use glasses, cause it wouldn't work! like me.. :(

and then.....


i tried 3 times! and the results same! all man! with the different age! :(
am i looks like a boy..??

18 October 2010


"happy birthday to me.. :)"

02 March 2010

no more post from me..

sorry, i'm not gonna post anything
until my final exam finish
wish me luck for TA..!!

25 February 2010

become a millionaire...

"If every single drop of my tears are diamonds,
maybe i've become a millionaire now"

- Unknow